Artist Statement


Ken SmithI don’t take photographs; I receive them with openness and gratitude as gifts from the universe. These gifts offer a glimpse of the beauty and order inherent in the world around us. While my subject matter ranges from the majesty of our National Parks to the simplicity of a flower blossoming in my backyard, I strive to instill a sense of joy and wonder in every image I create.

Some of my images are the product of long, arduous journeys that demand both patience and resolve. The patience to wait for the ideal light; the resolve to pursue a vision despite physical demands or discomfort. Other images present themselves unbidden and spontaneous as genuine moments of grace. All of my images share something in common: they are the result of my being fully present in a particular moment. I cultivate the stillness and mindfulness that are essential to my art through the practice of meditation.

Receiving the offerings of nature is only half of the process; as an artist I take what I have been given and create lasting works to be shared with others. I am continually experimenting with new techniques for processing and printing my images. In addition to printing on fine art papers I have recently been rendering my images on canvas and metal. My goal is to reproduce as faithfully as possible all of the nuances of the original scene and my response to that scene.

Quiet Heart Images: Sanctuary &emdash; Sanctuary Sunset I

In a sense, all of my images are self-portraits for they are recordings of my emotional response to the scene before me. My work expresses the awe, rapture, and serenity I experience in the natural world. My images succeed when they stir a similar emotional response in my viewers.

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